Welcome to the Clothesline

Welcome to the Clothesline, one of the greatest tools for teaching number sense.


The dynamic nature of the Clothesline makes it more cognitively challenging, yet more engaging and easily facilitated, than a traditional, static number line. It’s manipulability strongly reveals and teaches both proportional reasoning and understanding of variables (it’s two greatest strengths).


Start with our Home page, then explore the Tents and Drawings organized under the various topic pages.

BenchmarksPic 2x 3xDrawing mx+bDrawing Vertical & LinearPic Qrtiles

The Blog posts will offer examples of using specific Tents. The initial values placed by the teacher and subsequent facilitation of the discussion of the progressions is key to maximizing the potential of the Clothesline.

halfoverless halfovermorehalfoverone

Play. Enjoy. Learn. I know your students will.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Clothesline

  1. Has anyone done the geometry clothesline? Are we looking for students to order solutions? I’m a little confused here.


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