Making the Clothesline

The Materials:

  • Clothesline Supplyclothesline (literally),
  • A package of wooden clothes pins,
  • The Tents to be printed from the various pages of this site,
    (Benchmarks, Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics)
  • The answer document (PDF).

That’s it. For less than $5 you can buy all that you need to have this awesome number sense tool in your class! (optional items: Lapboards to enhance engagement)

You will need to cut the clothesline to the preferred length for your classroom. You will also need to cut the Tents from the printouts or handwrite your own. (Printing on colored paper or handwritting on construction paper is an added touch that helps the values being studied stand out from the white benchmarks.)


Here is a video on the various ways to set-up the clothesline in your classroom.