Clothesline Math as Professional Development

“Here are K-1 teachers at Calvert School in Baltimore creating a number line with different representations for numbers 0-10. We had words, digits, ten-frames, tallies, geometric shapes (number of corners), dot patterns, double dice pips, and so much more.”       — Beth Curran

Beth is sharing one of many of experiences that is bearing great fruit … Clothesline Math as professional development for teachers. In her example above, teachers are learning how to use Clothesline as a tool while simulatneously learning about various representations of numbers. In other words, teachers are not just learning about the methdodology involved in teaching with Clothesline Math; they are learning about math pedagogy in general as they enhance their own mathematcial content knowledge. Beth and I are not the only ones discovering this triple triered benefit.

There are those who are strengthening their own number sense on an open number line,

as well as those who were learning where number sense activities fit in the overall curriculum,

and how Clothesline Math fits into a repertoire of number sense tools for the classroom.

Best practices indeed!

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